Dog breeding

A judge approved a plan to rescue roughly 4,000 beagles after repeated animal-welfare violations.
Wally Conran created the labrador-poodle hybrid in 1989 and now laments “I opened a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster.”
Questionable practices inside the high-profile nonprofit National Mill Dog Rescue are not what most people expect "rescuing" to be.
The English Bulldog now ranks as the #4 most popular dog breed in America. This statistic has veterinary experts worried, and for good reason. Once considered healthy dogs, 73 percent of Bulldogs now suffer from hip dysplasia, a genetic condition that causes painful limping and arthritis.
Then came a new choice -- go back to corporate America or embrace his love for breeding and showing dogs full time. Robert traded in his briefcase for a "golden opportunity" -- now breeding and showing Golden Retrievers full time.
Over the past decade, the public has increasingly transitioned from buying their dogs in person to buying them online. The doggie on their browser looks to be an adorable, tail-wagging, well-cared-for puppy. And it couldn't be further from the truth.