dog domestication

Sharing germs. Previous studies show that, indeed, dogs share much of their bacteria with their human owners over time, and
Dogs and humans have been BFFs for a very long time -- at least 10,000 years. Then, how did domestic dogs, which are all
They’re our best friends! Around 144 million Americans own a dog or cat as a pet. But how did our domesticated companions make the transition from wild creatures to tamed animals? And what does their history have to do with our history? HuffPost Science's Jacqueline Howard reports.
The bonding brain. What do other scientists make of the study? Dr. Paul Zak, a professor of neurology at Loma Linda University
A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology suggests that the ability of humans to domesticate dogs may have its origins in the innate social skills of wolves.
So far, DNA sequences extracted from fossils are incomplete. But just as researchers have now sequenced a complete Neanderthal
If the Altai dog was really domesticated, it would push back the origin of today's house pets more than 15,000 years and
"Now we're also trying to take the behavioral side of the story further to try to pinpoint the genes, the individual mutations