dog emotions

As much as I hate to admit it, although I've had dogs I absolutely adored, and one named Mojo who will forever be my soul dog, I never had that truly sympatico type of relationship.
So while this rescued dog may just be excited to be back on dry land, we're inclined to believe it's grateful for the assist
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I would love to have technology that would tell us once and for all whether a dog is enjoying training, or being stressed out by it. It would certainly settle some arguments between trainers who use different types of training tools.
Neuroscientist Greg Berns joins HuffPost Live to discuss his new book "How Dogs Love Us" and how canines are closer to us than we think.
Stacy Wolf, a lawyer with the ASPCA and senior vice president of the organization's anti-cruelty group, has a more modest
Berns notes that this does not prove that dogs have the ability to love humans, but says the results may indicate canine