dog mayor

The Great Pyrenees was elected mayor of Cormorant Village four times before retiring earlier this year.
This is Rabbit Hash's fourth canine mayor in a row.
It was a landslide victory.
"My species could be a problem, but I won’t let that deter me."
It only makes sense in a city that's home to more dogs than kids. A rescued Chihuahua mix named Frida spent Tuesday as the
Einstein the dog joined the Oakland, California, mayoral race, promising to provide a voice -- if a bit of a growly one -- to
Welcome to the 'Dog Days' of summer, at the height of the political Silly Season. This year, one dog did indeed have his day in August, as 7-year-old 'Duke' just won a rather bizarre election to become mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.
"Poor Richard Sherbrook that owns the Cormorant Store, he didn't even have half as many votes as Duke did," local resident
If you don't find the presidential showdown between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama entertaining enough, just imagine if there