dog poop

In the 1970s in New York City, dog poo was a whole to do. A campaign to clean up the streets of excrement began when Fran Lee, an Upper West Side activist, started drawing attention to a purported link between feces on sidewalks and child blindness.
Just like with staring, this is simply a habit that means your dog feels more comfortable with some privacy as opposed to
Combine one part youthful innocence with two parts appreciation for a job well done. What do you get? This adorable girl
Sometimes there is good Karma floating around New York... at least once in a while. We met two women this week who found
It's not just totally grody to leave dog poop everywhere. It's actually super bad for us too. Go figure. Read more on
There are products out there that make your dog's feces taste bad so that he won't eat it. I'm suspicious of these. The idea
(H/T, where Arlingtonians are debating the propriety of the measures proposed above.) The head of a Northern Virginia
That's where PooPrints comes in. The service, created by BioPet Vet Lab in Tennessee, can be purchased by entire housing
Founder Eric Husk was a "a dog person without a dog," reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's how City Dog Share works
Recognizing early changes in your pet's stool quality will allow you to detect and address a problem early, which increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.
There's dog craziness, and then there's Giant Dog Craziness, the culture and cult of giant, tremendous, enormous -- 100 pounds and up -- dogs.
And it's condo complexes like Hollywood Station in Hollywood, Fla., that are fueling the boom. It became one of the latest
Click through the slideshow below to read about some other proposals that didn't quite go as planned. Keep in touch! Check
"This is a service that normally costs over $100," said Smith to the Canadian Press. Bagging man's best friend's smelly situation
Most Earth Day celebrations focus on the dangers of man-made pollutants. The contributions of animals get pushed under the
Some communities are enlisting high-tech solutions such as DNA testing or video surveillance to track culprit dogs and their