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There was love in the air this past Valentine's Day when Ruff Start Rescue found a 3-month-old hound puppy abandoned in a
On January 30, the Richmond Police Department (RPD) in Richmond, Va., posted an album to Facebook called "RPD Loves Animals
It's midnight in a bad neighborhood in New York City. In a dark junkyard, a sweet pug is chained to a car bumper. This lonely
"She shook all night," he told the paper (video above). That morning, Johnson brought Baby back to Demens Landing, where
Want to understand why dogs are awesome? Watch the 2-minute video above. Produced by America's Funniest Home Videos, it's
Operation Ava is trying to find an adoptive family for both brothers -- the shelter wants to keep the pair together, according
These images from Agence France-Presse photographer Mohammed Abed show Hassan Kasskin, a 44-year-old Palestinian man, teaching
"The Story of Shrek" is one that begins with cruelty and ugliness, but ends with love and beauty.
Veterinarians then spent hours shaving off his fur and getting him on the road to recovery. They removed 3.5 pounds of matted
But Sonya's road to recovery was only just beginning. With her hair gone, vets could see tumors, ingrown, twisted dew claws