dog shelter

Danielle Eden is no stranger to hell. She usually brings a few dogs back from there.
This lonely dog is so desperate to find a forever home, he's willing to do whatever it takes to show just how nice a housemate
Dozer the pit bull has been waiting at the shelter so long he seems to have given up hope of ever finding a home.
Mocha-Chino, a beautiful pup from New Jersey, celebrates a not so celebratory milestone this month: three years living in a dog shelter.
We have even been known to FaceTime so they can see their granddogs, much to the confusion of Julie and Stephan who look quizzically at the screen when they hear the high pitched voices calling their names.
Hopefully, someone looking for a new pooch will see her photos and rush over to fill out some adoption forms. But inevitably
While the news of Biden and his new cute-as-all-get-out purebred German Shepherd puppy is generating lots of positive reports, many of us in the animal community are concerned.