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The Obama administration's unprecedented campaign against leaks has been well-documented, and its targeting of the Associated
We came back, and answered questions about the phone calls. I said that I couldn't remember what these calls were about 2013
Feinstein has put her money where her mouth is, co-sponsoring an amendment to the bill that, in the Associated Press's words
Another would create a role for the department's director of public affairs and privacy and civil liberties officer in reviewing
Current DOJ policy requires the approval of the attorney general when prosecutors seek to force testimony from a reporter
In what was almost certainly the first time the Obama administration subpoenaed a journalist to testify before a grand jury, federal prosecutors wound up letting the reporter off the hook.
The reason: I had class. Back in 2009, when I was a senior at Catholic University in D.C., I was subpoenaed to testify in
"It actually has been much harder to get people to talk about anything, even in a sensitive-but-unclassified area," the paper's
"There were plenty of indications they are unhappy and regretful that it's gotten to this point," Seib said. OPENING GAMBIT
Others, however, have gone the opposite way. Speaking to Poynter, McClatchy's Washington bureau chief James Asher said he