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Leonard Downie, who led the Post from 1991 to 2008, wrote the report, "The Obama Administration and the Press," for the Committee
I opened my article with this sentence: "Bush Administration officials have determined that Indonesian soldiers carried out
CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of McClatchy's article, which we cited here, incorrectly attributed comments by Sen. Dianne
One of the proposed changes would require the director of national intelligence to certify that a leak threatened national
Current DOJ policy requires the approval of the attorney general when prosecutors seek to force testimony from a reporter
In what was almost certainly the first time the Obama administration subpoenaed a journalist to testify before a grand jury, federal prosecutors wound up letting the reporter off the hook.
It's worth noting here that the U.S. Attorney's Office in D.C. is unique. Unlike other federal prosecutors, those based in
"It actually has been much harder to get people to talk about anything, even in a sensitive-but-unclassified area," the paper's
Representatives of other media companies have been invited to more meetings with Holder on Friday. Holder personally authorized
Others, however, have gone the opposite way. A growing divide emerged on Thursday between news organizations who are willing