Doja Cat

A video circulating on Twitter shows a mummified Met Gala guest being carried out of a hotel — and people are convinced it's the singer.
The rapper said it “felt like there was a blade” in her stomach while preparing to rock the striking ensemble at Paris Fashion Week.
The Grammy winner responded in typical Doja fashion while updating followers about her recovery from breast augmentation and liposuction.
She put Missy Elliott in that blow-up tracksuit and dressed Jay-Z in yellow linen. Fashion stylist and creative director June Ambrose discusses the impact of her iconic looks and what motivates her to be an industry changemaker.
The star shared that her buzz haircut is "the best choice I’ve ever made."
“If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you’ll get," the rapper teased before revealing her cheeky look at Paris Fashion Week.
The "Kiss Me More" singer covered her body in red paint and 30,000 Swarovski crystals.
The singer went on Instagram live to address the mounting speculation over her new look.
"I posted that not thinking too much of it, but obviously it hurt her feelings," the "Stranger Things" star told Variety.