Jennifer Pierre wants to show young boys of color that gender norms shouldn't define them.
Let this serve as a reminder that black is beautiful in all shades.
These dolls were breaking major barriers before Barbie's recent makeover.
Mattel is producing a line of dolls of the 'Selma' director in response to popular demand.
Voices recovered from Thomas Edison's Talking Doll Collection
"By modifying what the doll says based on children's conversation, kids become sitting ducks for all kinds of sneaky advertising
I hate to criticize Lammily -- the new "normal" looking doll for little girls -- as challenging the all-mighty Barbie and her size negative-four standards is a commendable act. That said... I'm about to criticize Lammily.
Affiliating Wendy Davis with Barbie attempts to transform a political leader into a vapid and empty-headed doll famous for her over-sexualized body. The pink Barbie-like frame of the poster plays up girlhood and downplays womanhood.
When you get back from the hospital check out the Fanny Flambeaux doll, an extremely dangerous toy with the power to shoot
North Dakota Anti-Abortion Group Passes Out Toy Fetuses