Dollar Store

Low-end retailers undercut independent grocers and small-town aesthetics, but some locals are fighting back.
You may think that it's a one-time exposure to chemicals that's the big risk, but daily use of household items can result in low doses of chronic exposure.
Melissa Langford says she has the perfect idea for a protest, too.
Frames have a few purposes, sure, but they generally all involve their namesake -- framing things. Bear with me now, though... what if I told you that you can do way more with them than simply placing borders around art, photos, and maps?
Inventory overload isn't the only reason Family Dollar's business might be suffering. The company's decision to stock higher
Who cares if the government's closed when there's a place right down the street that's open from the crack of dawn 'til 9 p.m. and everything's a dollar?
Dollar stores are thriving in this weak recovery as struggling Americans look for deals on the basics. "What's driving traffic
"Everyone is trying to stretch dollars even further," Bloom said. COMMUNITIES RESIST Some communities, concerned about health