Dolores Huerta

“Alexandria, Ilhan, Ayanna. I love these names!” said candidate Rashida Tlaib at a summit celebrating barrier-breaking women of color in politics.
Is centralized leadership the best route to achieving human rights for all?
The activist also spoke about hashtag activism, abortion rights and her hopes for a people's march on Washington, D.C.
Nonviolent forms of activism are in the spotlight in the wake of neo-Nazi demonstrations around the country. Dolores Huerta
A clip from the activist's biopic "Dolores" breaks it down.
There are also monsters lurking in our unconscious. These monsters often attack us at even the thought of teaching women
"I've got news for Donald Trump: We've been here all along," the civil rights leader said.
We take another look at the 2016 election and explore the Latino identity of Ted Cruz, why there's a generation gap with Latinos and report on Hillary Clinton's relationship with a coup in Honduras. We also talk with residents of the Virgin Islands, who can't vote in general elections, and a newly naturalized citizen taking part in the voting process for the first time.