dolph lundgren

Let's just say Mr. Rocky Balboa was pretty knocked out by the Swedish action star.
To read more of George Heymont go to My Cultural Landscape Crowded Fire Theater's production benefits immensely from Beth
This new film has 'more of what you came to see' but is paper thin without a hint of substance or even dramatic credibility. Comparing the two films is a classic example of 'trying and (perhaps) failing' versus 'failing to try.'
Sadly, no video seems to exist online of Willis' uncredited role in "The First Deadly Sin" or even his guest appearance on
“I haven’t really pursued that,” Cage said last year when presented with the "Expendables" rumors. “I don’t know much about
At one point it's mentioned that your character is a chemical engineer, which drew laughter from the audience. I'm not sure
Sylvester Stallone, Terry Crews, Jason Statham, and Dolph Lundgren used their brawn to ring the opening bell. Crews even
The Expendables is all about the big-bang theory: the bigger the bangs (explosions, gunshots, mammoth fireballs), the bigger the box-office. In theory, anyway.
Action stars from The Expendables swarmed Grauman's Chinese Theater last night for the world premiere of the film. Hollywood