“If they remain in fresh water for extended periods of time, that could lead to issues with their skin and other things,” an expert said.
“Dolphin Tale” chronicled Winter’s recovery from becoming entangled in a crab trap and the unprecedented effort to fit her with a prosthetic tail.
The spectacular run of as many as 1,000 dolphins likely occurred as smaller pods merged in an area rich with food.
A slow-moving flood of polluted Mississippi River water is causing serious damage to Gulf species, and a major storm threatens to make it worse.
About 98 percent of the stranded dolphins have died.
"I find a dolphin a lot more sexy than that thing was," said Malcolm Brenner.
In the Hawaiian islands you may have a life-changing experience in nature with marine-life while swimming in certain places. In particular are the beloved Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, who enjoy many of same places that humans like to swim and snorkel at.