A slow-moving flood of polluted Mississippi River water is causing serious damage to Gulf species, and a major storm threatens to make it worse.
About 98 percent of the stranded dolphins have died.
"I find a dolphin a lot more sexy than that thing was," said Malcolm Brenner.
The annual Bahamas Gospel Fest, sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Coca Cola, is a four-day event that includes
In the Hawaiian islands you may have a life-changing experience in nature with marine-life while swimming in certain places. In particular are the beloved Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, who enjoy many of same places that humans like to swim and snorkel at.
Throngs of Americans are heading south to the Caribbean right now, for the balmy sunshine, intoxicating evening breeze, turquoise
These are uncertain times for big charismatic animals in the oceans and on land. Many populations are declining. Money is scarce for pool repairs and big mammal research, made worse by the public's vocal distrust of scientists, zoos and aquariums.
More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition against the park.
More killer whales have been spotted along the California coast than normal.