Edith Windsor, an activist who paved the way for marriage equality, has died at the age of 88.
Five years ago on September 21, 2011, lesbian, gay, and bi service members began serving openly without fear of discharge
Judy in The Oval Office, 2013 These two old lesbians (Karin, 76 and Judy, 68) have faced a lot, seen a lot, heard a lot, done
Love always wins. 👬👭
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Today, regardless of lessons learned over the years, it is important that every young person understand that Hillary Clinton is one of the most important global voices on LGBT human rights in our time.
Bill Clinton signed the law primarily because of politics, the record shows.
What Sanders exposed is a simple truth: Clinton, in an interview on Rachel Maddow last week, revised the history of her husband and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
Non-Catholics need to recognize that the "breath of fresh air" pope presides over a misogynist and homophobic hierarchy and is doing little to change that. Catholics need to know that there is one way to make change in the leadership of the church: cash.