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In Michigan, a federal judge prominently cited the Windsor decision in allowing a challenge to the state's marriage ban and
My devotion to my Faith and its teachings about marriage does not mean I have the right to make anyone else's faith or marriage illegal. And it doesn't mean I should be unkind, rude, or unloving toward anyone, whether my theology agrees with their lifestyle or not.
One impact of the Court's decision that resounds far beyond our borders, is in the area of immigration.
Seems like not much has changed in the world of Chick-fil-A. After the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, the restaurant chain's president and chief operating officer, Dan Cathy, apparently tweeted an anti-gay response to the ruling.
The tweet is still available on Topsy, an online platform that can index and trackback tweets and web pages. Seems like not
The Williams Institute, a same-sex advocacy think tank, found that 33 percent of lesbian couples and 20 percent of gay male
The Supreme Court's landmark decision to strike down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and essentially nullify
The DOMA decision aids binational LGBT couples; Senators formally added an amendment on Wednesday that increases border security measures in the "gang of eight" immigration bill.
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued two landmark rulings on gay marriage, striking down the Defense of Marriage At and
Once the euphoria of the decisions had died down, Linh Hoang, 30, encapsulated the feeling in Washington. Colorful, clever
Boschee noted, however, that the ruling can open the door for the creation of such a group. "States like North Dakota can
"So much remains to be done in order for all of America’s immigrant families to be able to live with dignity, pursue their
Now that DOMA has been repealed, those benefits will be available. WASHINGTON -- Just hours after the Supreme Court declared
Watch the full segment below: One class of people uniquely affected by Wednesday's historic Supreme Court DOMA ruling is
Exclamations points and #MarriageEquality hashtags abounded on Twitter after the Supreme Court DOMA decision -- and Latinos
For one, expect to see the Supreme Court take up affirmative action again. On Monday, the court by 7-1 sent the University
“We are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision... We believe that all lawfully married employees should be treated by
In a joint statement with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former president said the court recognized
The U.S. Supreme Court killed the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, and here's how the vote broke down. For information
The court's 5-4 ruling in that case left in place the initial trial court declaration that the ban was unconstitutional. California