domestic battery

His alleged victim claims there was no assault, but another actor is resigning amid the allegations.
Monday's arrest is not the first sticky situation that Priem has found herself in recently. She was reportedly arrested for
I know what it's like to live with someone who terrifies you. I know what it's like to go to sleep sick and wake up scared. I know you. And I want you to hear me, as one survivor to another: It's not your fault.
"I feel Dr. Gary Slutkin in particular is dead wrong with all of the heavy lifting I've done with CeaseFire during my entire
Holden was listed in critical condition for 10 days, suffered two broken legs, and head injuries. According to the Tyler
Police told the Sun-Times that the woman used an "aggressive tone" with police officers, and a judge set her bail at $10,000
A Chicago man is wanted by police in connection with two shootings this week after his ex-girlfriend and her male friend
First-year Republican Illinois State Senator Suzanne "Suzi" Schmidt was involved in her second domestic dispute call in just
A January incident in Pakistan left a woman without hair and eyebrows. The victim's husband reportedly confessed to shaving