domestic homicide

We know the risk factors for domestic homicide. So why are we failing to protect those in the gravest danger?
Authorities said they found evidence of two domestic disputes prior to the deadly shooting.
A progressive new bill in New York would give judges greater discretion when answering that question.
Since the Newtown massacre, at least 18 states have enacted bills to keep guns away from domestic abusers.
We asked survivors, advocates and experts how to reduce fatal domestic violence.
Domestic violence groups are rallying behind Cherelle Baldwin, who faces up to 60 years behind bars for what she says was an act of self-defense.
Anti-gun violence groups warn the case could put women's lives at stake.
It was just a few minutes into 2016 when shots rang out in El Cajon, California.
More than half of U.S. women who die in gun homicides are killed by intimate partners or family members.