domestic partnership

The bill is headed to the Senate, where it will likely face an uphill battle.
The British territory's chief justice declared a new domestic partnership law unconstitutional.
In "Freeheld," directed by Peter Sollett ("Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist") and written by Ron Nyswaner ("Philadelphia
By refusing marriage to same-sex couples, social conservatives are undermining traditional marriage more than lesbian brides and gay grooms ever could.
For a long time I had no interest in and was opposed to getting married. I believed that we didn't need the state to validate our relationship. I already knew its value and our commitment to each other. And then a funny thing happened: I lost my job and needed health insurance.
We're unequivocally in favor of marriage equality. But this lower "level" of commitment has been worth something in its own right to us -- not just for the health benefits, but for the ways it helped us see exactly what we wanted from our relationship.
As Lisa's conditioned worsened over the day and night and she was moved to Neuro ICU, Janice says she was kept in the dark
I've been calling Jenni my partner now for a year and a half. Somewhere around the time we rented our first UHaul truck, I shifted the label from "girlfriend" to "partner."
LGBT couples -- and individuals -- often face significant financial hurdles compared to their heterosexual counterparts.
It’s also worth noting that those couples -- same-sex or opposite-sex -- do still pay extra taxes on their domestic-partner