domestic policy

The incredible capture of our democratic systems and processes by powerful corporations and elites has significantly impacted the way all levels of our government are protecting the rights of individuals, including the most vulnerable.
Sanders and Clinton have criticized each other for raising some taxes on the non-rich, but this criticism is misplaced. There are taxes that are good and necessary policy, even they fall partly on the middle class. Examples are payroll taxes that finance Social Security and Medicare, taxes on tobacco that deter tobacco consumption and taxes on carbon. The issue is not whether taxes should ever be levied on the non-rich. Rather, the question is offsets and benefits. High taxes on sugary drinks and on tobacco make sense to deter unhealthy consumption. If they fall heavily on the working class, that impact can be offset with other benefits. Higher payroll taxes to finance universal health insurance make sense, because the result over time will be lower costs and a more efficient system. That said, not everything in Sanders' program makes good sense as tax policy. But the idea of a big and long overdue increase in public outlay deserves mainstream consideration.
The GOP domestic-policy vacuum is evidence of a deeper problem: Republicans don't have a plan to move America forward.
Overall, Americans are about equally likely to say the economy has gotten better over the past year as they are to say it
More than 100,000 progressive voters are urging the Senate to reject President Barack Obama's choice of Antonio Weiss, a former Wall Street banker, to fill a key post at the Treasury Department tasked with overseeing financial reform.
America is changing. So too is the rest of the world. But will America's internal changes carry broader implications for its role in the world, the influence and power it wields, and the foreign policy choices it makes?
Wars, violence, intolerance, injustice, hunger, disease, infidelity... all seem known to the very youngest of American society
To finance a more militarized government, most -- if not all -- of the candidates sought looking for savings in the federal budget by targeting domestic programs.
As oral arguments over California Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act begin before the Supreme Court, I can't help feeling that marriage equality will soon follow indecency and rock and roll into the halls of blasé consensus.
The term American exceptionalism and its meaning have evolved over many generations. What it may have meant in the past is not important, what it has come to mean today though, threatens to cripple our future.
Less than three weeks after the election, Obama announced that his economic team would be led by two consummate financial
Ultimately, the goal here is to spread the word and get politicians to address the needs of students. Tell a friend; tweet
Four years later, these remain the best reasons for my decisions, which I don't regret. However, it is mortifying to find that there aren't more substantive reasons for supporting this administration, and a negative reason for changing my vote to the other side.
Is there a way to review the campaign issues without the spin? My colleagues at Atigeo and I created a way to bring big data analysis of the social media feeds of the candidates and their respective party's content to the electorate. No spin and no sales.
We, the people, consistent with our nation's founding principles and in keeping with our sacred duties, in national association declare our independence from the politics of the two major political parties.
Within the administration, the split over whether to mount a tax-cut offensive broke down largely along wonk-operative lines
Again, I'm not opposed to long-term deficit reduction, so long as it's equitable. But I do wonder why these righteous burghers
Newly empowered congressional Republicans plan to chip away at the health care reform law next year -- and they're hoping
(WASHINGTON) -- A chastened President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise with Republicans on tax cuts and
In this election, you can glimpse the brutish future of American politics. This new age of brutishness may or may not include