domestic violence prevention

Employers are in a unique position to address issues of violence and put policies in place to protect their workers both within and outside the workplace.
Children who experience domestic violence can also be emotionally, psychologically or physically harmed. They may experience depression, fear, anxiety, have difficulty in school and in relationships with peers. The impact can be quite severe and continue into adulthood.
In 2005, Ilianexy Morales was savagely attacked by her ex-boyfriend. "One day I was young, beautiful and healthy, then suddenly I was slashed everywhere, my face disfigured and my teeth were gone.” Morales barely survived the attack. She was in the hospital for three months and has endured over 20 reconstructive surgeries. Because Ilianexy is strong, beautiful and graceful with her hard learned lessons, we knew she would be the perfect candidate for GLAM4GOOD!
On March 14, 2014, South Dakota became the 50th state to enact a felony provision for animal cruelty. Although the enactment of new anti-cruelty measures in South Dakota is a step in the right direction, more remains to be done.
We've read a lot about the pain the shutdown has inflicted on federal workers and contractors, but many nonprofits across the state of Illinois and the country have also been severely and negatively impacted by the shutdown.
Not one person asked me how I got the black eye. Not the waitresses or the bartender, not the clerks behind the counters in the shops. Certainly, not the gas station attendant. Nobody asked. In fact, most people just kept their eyes averted from my face.
By branding domestic violence and sexual assault, we aim to engage the general public to understand that, like other health issues -- cancer, heart disease -- domestic violence and sexual assault need to be more of a priority.
We have the power to create systemic change in domestic violence if we empower women with the opportunities to have viable and long-lasting economic security.
Each year for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October the Violence Policy Center releases its report When Men Murder