domestic workers

Rep. Pramila Jayapal reintroduced the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which would ensure basic workplace standards for nannies and house cleaners.
As demand for home help increases around the world, the number of countries adopting laws to protect domestic workers continues
  Notes “I migrated to the Middle East as a domestic worker because my husband was about to lose his job due to poor health
Most Americans today know that Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968, but few know why he was there. King went to Memphis to support African American garbage workers, who were on strike to protest unsafe conditions, abusive white supervisors, and low wages -- and to gain recognition for their union. Their picket signs relayed a simple but profound message: "I Am A Man."
It's so convenient during summer lunch hours or just after work to pop into a nail salon for an inexpensive manicure or pedicure
“As little as someone might seem to be on the totem pole — they’re important.”
"This is part of the entrenched undervaluing of women's work."