Dominic West

"The Affair” actor was seen kissing and nuzzling Lily James during a lunch date in Rome over the weekend.
The "Colette" star even has a person in mind for the role.
So don't expect The Affair ever to add some neutral third party who explains exactly what did happen with, say, that fatal
The Showtime series returns with more twists and turns.
The latest teaser makes its exclusive premiere on HuffPost.
Against a wall proclaiming "Make America Great Again" in blood red, an electric chair did not seem out of place. Not for
The Affair, which wraps up its second season Sunday at 10 p.m., launched with four splendid actors and the tacit expectation that it was going to offer a raw, edgy, honest, perhaps even different look at the impact of an affair on the lives of the two couples ensnared in its web.
The second season of Showtime's drama The Affair has arrived. Having seen previews of a month of episodes, I plan to keep watching.