Dominion Voting Systems

One employee said, “the rank and file journalists are getting let go” as “the sacrificial lambs” — while “upper management are sitting pretty.”
The voting software company secured a $787.5 defamation settlement with Fox News, but that's not enough to save the business, CEO John Poulos said.
Lachlan Murdoch says Fox paid $787 million to settle a lawsuit on its reporting to avoid a divisive trial and lengthy appeals process.
Axios obtained a copy of the letter, claiming “Rupert Murdoch himself” broke promises to the former prime-time host.
Tucker Carlson fill-in Lawrence Jones got a Dominion dig from the Satanic Temple's Lucien Greaves.
The fallen Fox News star had some harsh words for one of the right-wing network's biggest projects.
The conservative network did not say why it's parting ways with the host, who is known for his strident racism, misogyny and xenophobia.
A Columbia University School of Business professor estimates that Fox, after a tax write-off, will incur about three-fourths of the settlement amount.
The right-wing network's legal battles aren't over.
“Man oh man, is Rupert Murdoch gonna be mad when he finds out about this," Kimmel said.