In his new book, DSK, John Solomon relies on a technique of channeling himself inside the head of people he has never met and rendering thoughts they have not stated. He also invents a conspiracy theory for me concerning Dominique Strauss-Kahn's missing BlackBerry.
Even if all the mysteries of the presidential suite have not been solved, it is now abundantly clear that if the district attorney's office had gathered more evidence before they arrested and imprisoned DSK, the outcome of the French election might well have ad a different victor.
In too many scenarios involving the powerful and the powerless, the powerful prevail, with the powerless person dissuaded from even thinking of their own rights, much less pressing for them.
The Hotel Sofitel/Strauss-Kahn case must serve a higher purpose than journalistic sensationalism, it must serve to remind all corporations of the need to develop and effectively implement workplace domestic violence policies.