Friends are keeling over like dominoes. Every time one dies I run to my mirror, hoping to find something that will confirm I'm still too vibrant to go into the fertilizer business.
The video, which uses "20,000-25,000 dominoes total," was co-created by Millionendollarboy out of Germany and Hevesh5 out
When this movie theater employee was asked to throw away a box of Milk Duds, he made a little bit of magic out of an otherwise
The most awkward ad in the universe has just hit YouTube. Posted on Wednesday, it's already going viral with 242,800 views
Miami looks and sounds like the United Nations. We hail from Cuba, Haiti, Latin America and plenty of U.S. cities, too. If you address someone in English and they answer you with a Spanish response, don't take it personally. It's a Miami thing. Just dive in.
After the heated argument, the boyfriend put his focus back on the game, while Brown allegedly got in the car and put it