Don Beyer

Allowing young Americans to pre-register to vote will encircle millions more Americans in our civic processes.
Rep. Don Beyer calls on experts to correct the bad info pushed by the Republican majority.
Our northern neighbors had the big, messy, national debate about anti-Muslim hate that we still need.
Less Cancer Chairman Tom Sherman, M.D. Photo by Vincent Ricardel Others included Suzi Tobias, Advocate and Founder, Less
The Washington-area lawmakers wanted authorities to grant airport detainees a chance to speak with attorneys.
Politicians first booked their private boxes at Swift’s concert months ago, CNN reports. Lawmakers and PACs charged between
Congress continues to pass short-term funding extensions for the Highway Trust Fund, with the latest to expire on July 31
The two were vying to replace Rep. Jim Moran (D), who announced in January he would retire from the seat he's held since