Don Beyer

A House-Senate proposal would tie jobless benefits to the coronavirus conditions on the ground.
An unidentified man was seen practicing his moves on Capitol Hill during a conversation between Kate Bolduan and Rep. Don Beyer.
Allowing young Americans to pre-register to vote will encircle millions more Americans in our civic processes.
Rep. Don Beyer calls on experts to correct the bad info pushed by the Republican majority.
Our northern neighbors had the big, messy, national debate about anti-Muslim hate that we still need.
Current leadership suggests that any protections that would come with the legislation may soon be an effort of the past and
The Washington-area lawmakers wanted authorities to grant airport detainees a chance to speak with attorneys.
Beyer said he thinks the motivation behind the Swift concert fundraiser comes out of the desire to “find interesting ways
"So in many ways while we're talking about one bridge, this is actually emblematic of a much larger state of affairs we have
Below, live updates on midterm news from around the nation: Democrat Don Beyer will represent Virginia's 8th congressional