Don Quixote

The finished product will star Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce.
The political world anguishes over Bernie Sanders' next move. Will he accept reality and, figuratively at least, hug and
The questions to ask is: What uproots and what anchors us? Discovering the answer and following the steps that connect and stabilize us, may prevent the treacherous state.
The first half of the book had me laughing out loud, again and again. The second half had me worrying about current dangers to rational business culture, and our overall economy.
Hint: There is lots of sexual tension and lots of tambourine.
The sets and costumes are lovely -- especially Dulcinea's tutu in the dream sequence -- but there's something of an operatic
You can call this production of Marius Petipa's "Don Quixote," one of the first to be staged by a Spanish dancer, as his coming out party in Philadelphia. Corella, born near Madrid in a small mountain town, sees this ballet as a way of introducing himself and his culture to the audience.
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Carlo Di Lanno and Vanessa Zahorian in Dances at a Gathering. Photo, Erik Tomasson Carlo Di Lanno made his debut with SF
"Provocative" - the theme of the Opening Night Gala at San Francisco Ballet - proved both appropriate and pinpoint perfect.