Don Rickles

America's greatest insult comic passed away from kidney failure at 90.
Back when presidents didn't skip events where people told jokes about them.
The comedian and actor died of kidney failure at his Los Angeles home.
Trump's own supporters have been hoping that at long last Trump would act like the frontrunner, and last night he did.
Marlo Thomas, with comic timing in her DNA, deploys hilarious split-second grimaces and many eye rolls under David Saint's expert direction.
When it first opened in 2011, I noted that in my sixty years of observing the restaurant scene in Los Angeles I had never before seen a new restaurant open its doors right on the heels of a favorable full-page article in the New York Times about its owner (and, incidentally, without once mentioning its food!).
Please Insult Me, Don RicklesThe stars came out Saturday night in Los Angeles -- not for another superfluous awards ceremony, but rather to watch a comic icon perform. "Mr. Warmth," Don Rickles, played the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills
Marlo Thomas worked the homey sitting room at East Hampton's Baker House on Saturday night: her husband Phil Donahue, Alec
Spike also released a few other clips from the roast that feature Tracy Morgan, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and the man
You can watch the full clip above. "He's the last one of them all," Regis said before telling of the five operations Rickles
Regis talks about his longtime friend Don Rickles.
You probably know Robert Davi's face, if not his name, from scores of acting roles... He's someone who knows what "legend" and "legendary" mean and he is doing his best to preserve the legacy of a legend while making his own dreams come true.
Leave it to Jerry Seinfeld to create something fresh and funny about three things you don't normally think of together. His Internet show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is a well-deserved hit.
The night was not exactly like the baudy The Aristocrats, a film featuring comedians telling roughly the same story, each