Don Thompson

NEW YORK (AP) — Former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson is flipping a new type of burger — one made without meat. Beyond Meat
McDonald's quarterly U.S. same-store sales growth. Thompson became CEO in July 2012. American diners have been fleeing McDonald’s
This is Ground Zero of the income inequality debate. Soaring CEO pay plus stagnant wages -- the federal minimum wage should
Polls have shown that Americans are eating less meat than they used to, and that's good news for the environment and wildlife. It could be good news for McDonald's, too, if the company finally decided to add a meat-free sandwich to its line-up.
Low-wage U.S. restaurant and retail workers are calling for a rough doubling of pay to $15 per hour and the right to unionize
"We come to work on time, do what the manager says, and help make money for a billion-dollar company. If we all walk out, they don't make that money. So all we want is that equal respect. We help them, now they have to help us."
Last month, McDonald's gave its workers a little gift -- a budget purporting to show how to survive on the starvation wages the burger behemoth pays. The bizarre financial plan made millionaire McDonald's CEO Don Thompson look like a real clown.
"We have tremendously high quality proteins," he says. "It is all real food," he continues. "We have always supported high
We can examine overall wages in the fast-food industry to get a sense for what McDonald's pays. The median hourly wage for