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Writer Don Winslow wants to go face-to-face with Trump to show the president's "narrative" about the border is a "lie."
[This review originally appeared in the New York Journal of Books] The novel has some pretty good plotting pitting dirty
Over the years, I've had the good fortune to interview many acclaimed authors. They answer questions with refreshing candor. Here are some of the most successful writers telling it like it is.
Over the last few years, I've been writing fiction. For decades, I've been a psychiatrist. As a novelist, I now write with a reader's sensibility, and read with a writer's eye. I'm struck by the degree to which fiction and psychology share certain crucial elements.
Next time you pick up a joint, you may want to think carefully about where it came from. The marijuana you're smoking is
Though written in diverse styles, varying tenses and with different points of view, these first few sentences or paragraphs penned by immensely gifted authors have much more in common than just superb writing.
I'm often asked why I write crime-thriller novels. Sometimes, I think the answer is easy: I love to read them, so I write them, too.
We sit and blame Mexico for smuggling drugs across our border as if we were innocent in all this. We condemn Mexico for exporting drugs while ignoring the inverse dynamic -- we are importing the drugs.
Don: I don’t want to tell you too much about them. You know, they’re all crime books ... Each one very different from the
The Kings of Cool picks up the story of the Savages trio -- the weed-dealing Ben, Chon and Ophelia -- a few years before Savages. Prequel? Not exactly -- at least writer Don Winslow doesn't look at it that way.
The Wall Street Journal and The Peggy Siegal Company held a special screening of Universal Pictures' new film 'Savages' Wednesday
With Savages, author Don Winslow transformed himself from an author into a franchise. The Kings of Cool, a prequel, has all the snap and savvy of Savages but with even more ambition and heart.
It was an irresistible proposition when Meliville House asked us to be part of the judging panel for the Moby Awards for
If I thought that a reader might experience a scene better as a film than as a novel, then I wrote it in screenplay form; if I thought that a scene would read better as poetry than as narrative prose, then I wrote it as poetry.
Hello, city desk, get me rewrite. Here's the lead: Many of the landmark moments in American journalism are carefully nurtured
This is a first-class story of the beach, by the beach, and for the beach -- the beaches being the surfing communities of San Diego's Pacific Beach, Mission Beach & Oceanside.