Donal Logue

Who: Thrilling Adventure Hour Where: 149 7th St, Brooklyn, NY When: October 11, 2014 What: The Workjuice Players and so many
Most of all, they want to see someone who looks a little more like them in a blockbuster. A superhero who looks a little
The good news is that Heller and his writers, who have to run major story ideas past the DC Comics' brain trust, aren't hemmed
We shot that over a whole night, and I don’t think anyone who was there will ever forget it. We had a great female director
"SVU" is taking a short break for the next couple weeks, leaving fans anxiously worried for Benson's future. Will she lose
A well known nightclub on Bowery Street in New York City is making a come back. Not back on Bowery; this time on the big screen.
When we last tuned in to BBC America's Copper Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) was racing to keep his world -- NYC and the other facets of his life -- intact.
It'd be easy to use half this review to point out "Sons of Anarchy"-"Vikings" parallels, beyond the Donal Logue connection. Both shows feature sex, violence and power struggles, and both programs tell the stories of subcultures going to war with other armed groups in order to take what they can (also: beards).
"Entourage" alum joins "Dexter." Rhys Coiro (who played Billy Walsh on the HBO show) will play a bail jumper being tracked
In other casting news... Polly Walker is stopping by "Warehouse 13." The "Caprica" actress will appear on a five-episode
Despite being cancelled after one season in 2010, Terriers, the little show that could, has recently found itself the subject of various Internet discussions.
Catch new episodes of "Royal Pains" every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on USA. While Evan moved forward on a Hank-less HankMed
This pilot casting season has been full of celebration-worthy announcements. Chi McBride! Judy Greer! Kyle Bornheimer! Joanna
I read just the other day that Jeremy Renner may take the lead role in a Steve McQueen biopic. If it goes forward, I will be very interested to see the end product, but I would not care to be an angel investor.
Terriers, which lasted exactly one season on FX, was the best network series to debut this fall, and I and its apparently not large audience will miss and mourn it.