Donald Trump has become the latest in a long line of U.S. presidents to meet Queen Elizabeth.
The Social Security Administration released its annual data on baby names in the U.S.
Love is the only paradigm that will result in harmony among you and us - your citizens.
The earth, and the US economy, needs a President who understands that going green is the single most effective domestic business plan available to him and that burning more fossil fuels, while rolling back clean air and water regulations, will turn us into Beijing or Delhi.
I know the election is tomorrow and I'm unlikely to change any minds, but I'd like to understand all the reasons why you support Donald Trump for president. So hear me out as I try to rationalize your arguments.
How to balance passion with stark financial reality and an increasingly competitive landscape? It's tough out there for a
In the first installment of my Search for the Next POTUS, meet James "Jimmy" Bell of Cleveland, Ohio. Though he originally declared his Presidential candidacy as a Democrat, he's now running as an Independent write-in candidate.
If a third option were taken seriously, they'd have a good chance of winning. Where is the visionary leader who understands
To the guy who slapped the Trump bumper sticker on the back of my 2004 Audi A4: Ha, ha, ha.
The ever momentous campaign of Donald Trump, once considered the ugly step-child of the Republican presidential field, has made the him leading contender for the party's presidential nomination. And that is in part a reflection of how many Americans' appetite for entertainment and celebrity culture.
I'm a British born Muslim and before you ask, I came to this country legally on a working visa. I grew up alongside many of those who are now fighting alongside extremist groups like ISIS and have first-hand knowledge of the type of indoctrination Muslims go through living in the west but having Eastern values.
According to a new survey from Strategic Vision, which analyzes the consumption habits of each presidential candidate's supporters
we need Trump to make it painfully obvious to everyone what the Republican Party truly stands for: classism, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia. Trump really is just saying out loud what most Republicans are thinking and saying in private.
Donald Trump is a more of a persona than a logician. He's bold, unafraid to speak his mind. It would be erroneous to construe this boldness as a virtue, however -- it's more like he simply has no filter and takes pride in being insensitive and ignorant.
A recent study by Sondre Båtstrand shows what an extreme outlier the modern Republican party is when compared with the conservative parties in nine other democracies with respect to their attitudes about climate change.