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Putin is a leader. And I think we’ve all seen that topless picture of him riding a horse. I’ll stop there.
NEW YORK, NY, July 23, 2016: Donald J. Drumpf is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Canadians entering the United
This year’s Republican convention is going to be huge! Unfortunately, I had to cancel my plan to host the Convention at Mar
It's 7:57pm and I lay in my bed. I told my mom I was feeling sick. And I am. I have been unable to move all day. The names of the Orlando shooting victims ring in my head, replaying ceaselessly, violently, haunting my every move. The result of my grief is catatonia.
1. Antonin Scalia. Sure, he's dead. I knew that. So what? 2. John Boehner. I'm kinda partial to orange-faced guys. 3. Vladimir Putin. What? They gotta be American? 4. Ted Cruz. No, wait. They gotta be American!
There is a saying that if you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Some of the people Donald Trump is in bed with are racist, anti-semitic dogs. He's either got to use repellent and reject them, or be repellent to good people.
HuffPost's Alex Berg reports from Donald Trump's rally at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. 
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HuffPost's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani chats with Trump supporters outside Trump Tower ahead of his watch party.