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Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd and more also remembered their late co-star Brittany Murphy.
Who is the Tina to your Amy or the Brad to your George? These celebrity buddies are proof that best friends are forever.
The "Scrubs" star and Askey shared three children together.
Two "Friends," one "Scandal" star, a superhero and more!
As Clueless turns 20 years old this coming Sunday, I feel stunned. I don't so much feel old like I did when Mean Girls turned 10 or when I saw that picture of baby Emma from Friends as a pretty teenager. Instead, I'm just in the same awe I have been since I first fell in love with this movie.
The petition, which had almost 1,100 signatures at the time this article was first published, reads: Eight days later, Memories
CaCee Cobb and her husband Donald Faison are expecting their second child together! Read more on
And, failing that, they'd really appreciate it if you'd stop referring to them as "that guy from that thing." Particularly