Donald J. Trump Foundation

Trump's former personal attorney also weighed in on Trump's financial situation as he clings to the presidency.
"The Daily Show" created "The New York State Guide to Avoiding Charity Abuse." Its instructions are pretty simple.
The "self-dealing" Trump Foundation was shuttered last year after the New York state attorney general sued.
Charity was "little more than a checkbook" for Trump's business and campaign, according to the AG's office.
It seemed to "be the responsible thing to do" said Bernie's wife, Jane Sanders.
"Will never be treated fairly by these people,” the president whined on Twitter about the Trump Foundation investigation.
The president is accused of using the Donald J. Trump Foundation for his personal and political benefit.
Everything the president touches seems to turn to evidence.
New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood's suit against the organization can go forward.
“It doesn’t matter who you are, the law is the law,” Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.