Donald J. Trump Foundation

Charity was "little more than a checkbook" for Trump's business and campaign, according to the AG's office.
It seemed to "be the responsible thing to do" said Bernie's wife, Jane Sanders.
"Will never be treated fairly by these people,” the president whined on Twitter about the Trump Foundation investigation.
The president is accused of using the Donald J. Trump Foundation for his personal and political benefit.
New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood's suit against the organization can go forward.
“It doesn’t matter who you are, the law is the law,” Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.
The New York attorney general's lawsuit said the Trump Foundation benefited Donald Trump's personal and business interests.
Donald Trump puts on a show of being rich. There's that private jet stamped Trump. He assures everyone, ad nauseam, that he's really, really rich. But apparently it's all a sham.
Donald Trump's success and presidential candidacy are not an accident. They are the result of a rigged financial system.
The media got played by Donald Trump this morning, once again. Picture Charlie Brown lying flat on his back, wondering why he keeps falling for the old kick-the-football bit.
Yet, we insist on treating them as equals. They are each major party nominees who beat formidable foes to clinch the nomination
This episode reveals that the illness we really should be talking about is the woeful state of American journalism today.
He is far from generous when it comes to giving away his money.
Trump does deals with the small group of people who give to his charitable foundation.