donald sachtleben

WASHINGTON -- A former top FBI official was sentenced to over three years in prison on Thursday for disclosing national security
While mouthing platitudes about respecting press freedom, the president has overseen methodical actions to undermine it. We should retire understated phrases like "chilling effect." With the announcement from Obama's Justice Department on Monday, the thermometer has dropped below freezing.
A former FBI agent arrested in 2012 on child pornography charges has admitted to being the source of a disclosure to the Associated Press about a foiled al Qaeda plot, Justice Department officials said Monday.
The AP, for its part, did not make any public statement on the matter. "This unauthorized and unjustifiable disclosure severely
If the judge accepts the terms of the plea agreement, Sachtleben will spend more than 11 years in federal prison: 43 months
He faces 30 years in prison if convicted. His attorney, Kathleen Sweeney, told the Associated Press that he pleaded not guilty