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--Comedian Dave Chappelle shares his thoughts on former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling losing ownership of the
A well-informed person would have observed that the players handled the entire situation very intelligently. They were strategic in their demands and patient in their response. This is a game of chess -- it's not checkers. Unfortunately, many criticizers simply didn't understand that.
That's precisely why racism holds on within America. In the privacy of our homes, clubs, and offices -- and in the tradeoff of philanthropy and what we perceive as the greater good -- we ignore our values, dismiss and rationalize them.
His racism got all the headlines, but there was something to be learned from Donald Sterling's other words. It is worth considering his usefulness as a representative sample of the oligarchical class.
Professional sports owners are largely untouchable. But what happened this week with Clippers owner Donald Sterling proves that once an owner threatens the financial welfare of the league and the other owners, he's gotta go.
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It will take a well-heeled knot of investors to plop down the kind of cash needed for the purchase of the team, if and when Sterling does sell. Despite the loud calls for him to get out of the business, and Adam Silver's vow to do everything within his very limited power to try to push him out the door, the call is still Sterling's.
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama backs the move by the National Basketball Association to suspend LA Clippers owner Donald
The harm to Sterling that is contemplated by those predicting antitrust litigation is apparently that he will be forced to sell at a depressed price, but that doesn't sound like antitrust injury to me.
And now Donald Sterling has underscored the need -- once again -- for an even broader campaign. Banned for life is not enough
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According to tax records accessed at, the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation donated $20,000 to the Los Angeles NAACP in 2008 and again in 2009, and the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation gave $5,000 in 2010.
The NBA is investigating racist remarks possibly made by Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. After the
An extended audio recording of the same conversation, released by Deadspin on Sunday, shows Sterling defending his views
America, while we're not defined by this man's opinion, we are defined by our reactions. If you want a better world you can't react from the same sepsis vein of ignorance to heal the whole.
Donald Sterling's alleged words about African Americans are poignant to a culture of denial. These comments seem to show a thought process that epitomizes the great American contradiction.
We might not be in the back of the bus, and we might not drink from separate water fountains, but racial discrimination is very much alive in 2014. Anyone who ever doubted that reality can look at the events of the past week.
This week's audio recordings of Sterling's racist rants came as no surprise to Clippers fans, but rather served as the "smoking gun" after years of allegations.
The Los Angeles NAACP chapter has decided not to present Donald Sterling with a lifetime achievement award after the Clippers
TMZ released audio on Friday night that included Sterling telling his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, that he does not want her