Donald Trump 2012

(1) Donald Trump once again (2) during a speech he gave yesterday (3). "(4)," Trump said, which immediately resulted in (5).
Scientists warn that media coverage of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is creating a temporal loop that could potentially destroy the Earth.
Of course if the "short-fingered vulgarian" -- to borrow a Spy Magazine term of endearment for Mr. Trump -- runs as a Independent, then, as in 1992 (when Ross Perot stole huge numbers of the GOP vote), the Republicans don't have a prayer, no matter whom they run.
The real estate mogul and reality show host took to Twitter to express his displeasure, launching into a screed against the
"He's not going to win ... it's just not going to happen," Trump told Fox News in March. "At a certain point you have to
"Honestly, if Santorum got it, I would seriously, seriously consider it," he told CNBC. "Santorum is not the right person
"It's only a guessing game because the press are making it a guessing game," he said. Donald Trump is expected to endorse
Donald Trump's pending endorsement of a GOP candidate seems to be sending major media outlets into a tizzy. Trump is expected