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(1) Donald Trump once again (2) during a speech he gave yesterday (3). "(4)," Trump said, which immediately resulted in (5).
Scientists warn that media coverage of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is creating a temporal loop that could potentially destroy the Earth.
Of course if the "short-fingered vulgarian" -- to borrow a Spy Magazine term of endearment for Mr. Trump -- runs as a Independent, then, as in 1992 (when Ross Perot stole huge numbers of the GOP vote), the Republicans don't have a prayer, no matter whom they run.
"He's not going to win ... it's just not going to happen," Trump told Fox News in March. "At a certain point you have to
According to Real Clear Politics' most recent poll average, Romney rival Rick Santorum currently has a slight lead with a
Donald Trump is expected to endorse Mitt Romney on Thursday, following Wednesday reports that he was endorsing Newt Gingrich
After news broke on Wednesday that Trump planned to make a "major announcement" on Thursday, reports surfaced that Trump
From Oprah Winfrey to Ben Affleck, celebrities aren't shy when it comes to turning their political views into candidate endorsements
On the filing, he said Monday that he "just heard about it, in fact I heard about it on your show," adding "I don't know
Video below via Fox News (comments being around the 3-minute mark): "Well, I think I'd get a great cross-section. I think
You can't say the Big Apple isn't playing a part in the Republican presidential primaries. Several roles, in fact. One of them is New York's dubious distinction of being home to Donald Trump.
"We've got a guy who is not only saying 'I'm going to make a decision about who I'm gonna endorse shortly after this debate
"My show would be renewed any time I wanted," he said. "NBC is dying to renew me so i don't need this. I don't need to be
[View the story "Huntsman Campaign vs. Trump" on Storify] Moving on without Trump's help, Huntsman's campaign announced a
(AP) NEW YORK — Donald Trump has become a must-stop for GOP candidates looking for advice or hoping to bask in the celebrity
Via ThinkProgress comes video of what Trump had to say on "Fox & Friends." HuffPost's Ryan Grim and Mark Blumenthal reported
The AP relays background on the meeting between the two big name Republicans: "Well, we do like each other and I will tell