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Alva Johnson has accused Trump of forcibly kissing her at a 2016 rally. The president's attorneys say her claim is politically motivated.
Wounded GOP front-runner Donald Trump is quietly setting up a parallel campaign structure, hiring known Republican fixers
One really needs to explore the elaborate, if not labyrinthine, Trumpian discourse that Trump is so very fond of using since, in fact, it consists of some of the most intricate rhetorical tools ever used.
Trump repeatedly lambasted Tur as inept at her job. Donald Trump lets everybody know when he doesn't like the way an interview
After the Supreme Court ruling on Friday, Trump criticized Republican-appointed Chief Justice John Roberts, who dissented
Marching through Trump Tower to Canadian Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World", Donald took his time waiving awkwardly from above the crowd before descending an escalator to teach us poor losers a lesson.