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The GOP presidential hopeful called Romney "a failed candidate" who "failed horribly."
But Trump was actually ahead of the curve in this field of thought. Over the summer, he explained his reservations about
Trump, could, of course take a look at UNICEF's publicly available financial statements, but that would require him to not
But since then, Romney has been reluctant to associate with Trump, who caused a headache for the campaign when he reignited
Donald Trump said Tuesday that Mitt Romney should "not apologize" for describing nearly half of all Americans as people "dependent
The real estate mogul had been excitedly promoting his scheduled contribution to this year's conservative confab, despite
The joke was received with hearty applause by the audience. Still, it was awkward for Romney to play on the birther conspiracies
Last time Donald Trump was in the news questioning whether President Obama was born in the U.S., he was publicly rebuffed