Donald Tusk

The decision comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares for a general election vote in the House Commons.
Donald Tusk said there would be consequences if the U.S. president went through with his tariff threat against France.
European Council President Donald Tusk confirmed in a tweet that an extension had been agreed to, but he did not disclose the date.
Britain is due to leave the European Union at the end of next week, but May is seeking to delay Brexit for a second time.
"In a trade sense, they’ve really taken advantage of us.”
Trump gets a public "Dear America" message ahead of the NATO summit.
Russia threatened to expel diplomats in retaliation.
Some Eurocrats imagine that dissatisfaction with the EU is a uniquely English phenomenon. For instance, Politico's Tim King contended: "This referendum is primarily a domestic political fight." It actually is much more.
The photos of the dead toddler sparked global sympathy over the fate of refugees.
On a rainy day in April 1990, I journeyed to the outskirts of Warsaw to one of those functional Communist-era apartment building