Helping people and animals affected by the fires, from donating to volunteering, "is a marathon and not a sprint."
What are some of the main differences when founding a nonprofit vs for-profit startup? originally appeared on Quora - the
Spread the word When we consider our waste stream, it's clear there are barriers preventing people from properly disposing
It's October again. Exactly one year since I lost Martha, my cousin and best friend, to breast cancer. She fought long and hard, and with so much dignity that she was an inspiration to me and many others.
Third-parties also fund matching campaigns for charities. You can ask a charity if there's a campaign running and make sure
Cultivated out of a need to do more, MyFiki was cofounded by NJ natives, Rafik Tawadrous and Tara Fardellone. After a long history of volunteering and donating until their pockets were empty, the pair felt their work wasn't enough to fulfill the needs of the nonprofits they supported.
As the business climate becomes more competitive, a global approach to international giving -- delivered with a local experience -- helps employees both inside and outside of headquarters feel heard and valued, while fueling their passions at work.
As the sun begins to rise over Namwendwa, a rural village of eastern Uganda, clusters of children begin to gather around
Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) is the level one trauma centers just blocks from Pulse, where all the victims were taken. You can donate to ORMC here, or text "Orlando" to 20222 on your cell phone to donate $10 (the donation will be added to your bill).
My family and I have enjoyed many productions under that famous tent at Lincoln Center, and on every occasion the feeling
By Maria Russo As travelers, it is important to us to leave the planet a better place. Our journeys abroad brought a richness
Crayon Collection is helping both the environment and schools by collecting and repurposing crayons in order to promote sustainability, cut down on wastefulness and give back to schools.
Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Oprah decided what to toss as she pared down her memory-filled closets at Chicago’s Harpo studios.
On Friday, the kids celebrated their last day of school. On Monday, they were back at work, but instead of taking tests and writing assignments, they were doing a different type of job: helping the Salvation Army. But the response they got from the Wal-Mart crowd helped show them the true spirit of Christmas.
By Jocelyn Baird, Throughout the year, but especially in the months of November and December, people across