The former Fox News host called out autocrats spreading “garbage and lies masquerading as news” in his first comments since leaving the network.
In order to fund university initiatives, ISUF will likely want to monetize the donated shares at some point in the next few
The association "Bayti" is a recognized NGO of public utility, which works for children in difficult situations in Morocco.
But the system of which he is a part - the privileged class of clericalism that thinks the world (and church) owe them something
Their "Tap Project" will donate 1 day's worth of water for every 5 minutes of phone inactivity
I choose to devote my time to TPS because one person can make a huge difference here. Sometimes that means bringing dinner for the group, sometimes it means helping to paint a wall, or tutoring, or making a donation, or bringing in winter clothes, or toiletries, sometimes it's a food drive and sometimes it's a holiday meal.