The rock icon put his money where his misguided mouth is with donations to Jam for Freedom.
One of the ex-president’s new political committees continues to pay $37,500 a month in rent at Trump Tower, just as he did during his reelection campaign.
Corporate political giving has drawn a lot of attention since Jan. 6. How about contributions from labor groups?
The South Dakota governor and 2024 presidential hopeful says the troops are necessary to protect the southern border from migrants trying to enter the country.
"It’s just a beautiful thing that they have done together as a mother and daughter,” the director of a local domestic abuse shelter said of the surprise donation.
Donald Trump’s reelection campaign used scammy online tactics to draw millions of dollars from unwitting supporters, the Times said.
The “Superintelligence” star said she "made a mistake" by including Exodus Cry, a conservative evangelical group, in a new HBO Max giving campaign.
ActBlue, a nonprofit that raises funds for Democrats, received more than $12.5 million in the two hours after news broke of Ginsburg's death.
Trying to "save the world, unlike y'all president," she snaps on Instagram.