Trying to "save the world, unlike y'all president," she snaps on Instagram.
The country legend said her friend Dr. Naji Abumrad at Vanderbilt University Medical Center was working on a "bridge treatment to save lives."
The makeup mogul's generous donation will help provide protective gear for Los Angeles hospitals.
Intimate photos provide a look into how organizations such as UNICEF are working to help the thousands of child migrants there.
Paid for by UNICEF USA
The president of the school also announced an investigation into the accused serial sexual abuser's donations and ways it can improve its donations process.
The president said that if he didn't donate his salary, "there would be hell to pay from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!"
Bob Wilson, who had never been to Paradise, which was destroyed in the Camp fire, gave out checks worth more than a million dollars altogether.
It’s a purr-fect outcome for snoozy volunteer Terry Lauerman, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Wisconsin and the disabled cats they care for.
One tweet started a movement to reunite families separated at the border with donated frequent-flyer miles.