Donna Edwards

Maryland Democrat Donna Edwards revealed that she has multiple sclerosis.
The good old boy network has no problem with elevating an obedient African-American woman. Edwards was not obedient.
Donna Edwards Was Once Seen As The Future Of The Democratic Party. But Now She's Riding Around In A RV.
"Can we pass equal pay laws and give women control of their own health-care decisions when women represent just 20 percent of Congress?"
Rep. Donna Edwards in her concession speech calls out her state for its lack of diversity in who it sends to Congress.
HuffPost Discusses Donna Edwards And Chris Van Hollen
The nation's smallest state will vote tomorrow night. Not a whole lot of polling exists here, but it's pretty clear on the Republican side. Donald Trump will sail to victory here, with a huge margin. John Kasich looks to take second, with Cruz far behind.
The Republican presidential nomination race has previously devolved to the level of an elementary school playground (penis-measuring in a national debate), and has now risen to at least high school (if not a college frat house) with the vicious battle going on between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over who can insult each other's wives the most.
The Washington Post published today a shockingly critical article questioning why EMILY's List is spending big to defeat a progressive Democrat. Really? Of course EMILY's List is spending big to elect a progressive, pro-choice Democratic woman. Duh. That is exactly its mission.
I founded the Center for Retirement Initiatives at Georgetown University, and, as Maryland's former Lieutenant Governor, I've
If this agreement is approved, we effectively lose any hope of stopping Iran's nuclear weapons program through diplomacy. A nuclear arms race will ensue in the Middle East. More monies will flow to provide funds, arms and training to terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.