Donna Shalala

Former Rep. Donna Shalala, a White House aide and a Social Security expert are all up for the job.
“It makes me wonder what value polls even have at this point,” one Democratic lawmaker said.
Billions of dollars are being spent. There are no active watchdogs.
The former Clinton cabinet secretary is looking to flip the seat blue.
It’s about Donna Shalala, who served in the Clinton administration, and whether she is a real progressive.
Hurricane season is approaching (June 1-November 30)! I remember growing up in Virginia at a time when every hurricane was named for a woman. I thought it would be fun to use the names of some significant hurricanes matched to a significant woman from U.S. history with the same first name.
The conduct of the Republican primaries makes Lord of the Flies look like a well-ordered society.
The charities have come under renewed scrutiny this year with Hillary Clinton's decision to seek the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency.
"Initial reports are very encouraging."
Walker's attack has traction for the same reason extremist forces have been able to attack education across the country. The purpose and cultural logic of education have shrunk, creating vulnerabilities.
President Obama is experiencing the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. Most Democratic House and Senate candidates in this year's midterm elections see the president as a drag on their campaigns; they avoid him at all costs (but welcome the money he still raises).
Even some lawmakers who support Burwell are skeptical that anyone could be successful in the HHS job, however. “I advised
In our 24/7 work culture, sleep deprivation is often worn as a badge of honor: Employees answer emails at all hours, managers
At a time when UM is confronting the NCAA, it cannot afford to come under fire once again for undermining workers rights.
In his 2011 School of International Service commencement address, then-Peace Corps director Aaron Williams noted that "service is not a moment, it's a mindset." For Peace Corps and other service volunteers, the years spent in formal service are just the beginning.
State and federal officials are also inquiring whether the company broke federal patient-privacy laws. In January, Swanson
Most people would be surprised to know that at our federal courthouse, a transplanted Miamian recently wrote an opinion that should provide the intellectual template for a Supreme Court affirmation of Affordable Health Care Act.
This is why we are not a direct democracy, though. Modern American democracy is government run by the popularly elected, often
Former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala was detained and interrogated for two hours at Ben-Gurion Airport