donny osmond

When Donny's sweet voice hit the airwaves, all conversation in the car or around the table ceased while I sang along. "And they call it puppy love."
While maybe not the appropriate reaction, all I could think of was the slogan, "We've Come a Long Way, Baby." And I am not
Chatting with Donny Osmond, Melissa Manchester, Louise Goffin, Meitel and Rumer.
“I have such a firm belief in God, Jesus Christ. I’m a true Christian,” he told host Nancy Redd. “I want to be careful that
In an interview with HuffPost Live, Osmond looked back to 1976, when he and his brother, Jay, took their dates to an Elton
Donny Osmond discusses how he came to be married to his wife.
Thank God for Donny Osmond. Sometimes we need wholesome! And, when I say 'we,' I mean... the immediate world at large. Not many people can say they have lasted 50 years in a fickle entertainment business. Donny Osmond has done just that.
The Times said the collection will be available online later this year through different retailers, and we're kind of interested
Bigger is better, the mantra goes, and for these celebrities and their supersized families, that truly appears to be the
A Republican state senator in Utah is calling for the end of mandatory education in the state.