donor sibling registry

They didn't update my medical information when I notified them. I have contact with 1/5 of my recipients. She was my 3rd
Many donor-conceived people are finding only out by accident that they have been predisposed to certain conditions. In 2009
I can't help but wonder when the sperm banks and egg clinics will start acknowledging that there is no such thing as guaranteed donor anonymity.
I feel that regulation and oversight of the infertility industry is a necessity, and would only improve this broken system, and help thousands of families who have used donor eggs and sperm to create their families.
A cultural phenomenon is growing these days in the world of gamete donation. The voices of the donor-conceived are growing louder and clearer, and the vast majority express that knowing or having known the identity of their donors is better than not knowing.
Comedian Emma Tattenbaum-Fine joins HuffPost Live to discuss her search for her biological father.