Former President Donald Trump urged his donors to give their money directly to him and not to the RNC.
At a certain point, $20 donations simply can’t match billionaires.
Rebekah Mercer’s growing support for climate change denial movements threatens the storied museum’s credibility, the scientists say.
It was one of Trump’s key campaign promises. But is the President draining the swamp, or filling it up? You decide.
It was one of Trump’s key campaign promises. But is the President draining the swamp, or filling it up? You decide.
Donor Elizabeth Lesser describes the process in one perfect sentence.
Two of the best small victories for a hard-working mom? Still feeling desirable and having thoughtful, engaging conversations
Hillary Clinton's critics claim that federal ethics laws were broken when her subordinates at the State Department arranged meetings and other favors for donors to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.
Cultivated out of a need to do more, MyFiki was cofounded by NJ natives, Rafik Tawadrous and Tara Fardellone. After a long history of volunteering and donating until their pockets were empty, the pair felt their work wasn't enough to fulfill the needs of the nonprofits they supported.
The 2016 presidential election has been filled with historic moments for politically involved women, including donors.
Primetime speakers at the Republican National Convention might not support Republican nominee Donald Trump as much as they would like you to think. At least, not with their wallets.
In an increasingly data-driven world, nonprofits are feeling the pressure to quantitatively demonstrate their effectiveness, reach and impact. In tandem, donors are, more than ever, meticulously benchmarking and comparing nonprofits to see which align with their personal values and contribute in a way they feel is most impactful.
Once labeled as the "me, me, me generation" by TIME magazine, millennials are making impressive strides when it comes to donating and contributing to charities and non-profits across the globe.
More people fishing for fewer fish means too many go hungry. But by working together, we can restock the pond and close this
Donating to charity is a noble thing to do, but be sure you do your research before you donate your hard-earned money. Looking into the organization and using good judgment will help give you peace of mind that your donation is going towards a good cause.
He took a swipe at her "big-money" connections.
Too many students don’t have the resources they need. Today, we start to change that.